Pet Stains & OdorPet-Stains

We know that your pets are members of the family, but sometimes they can create, well, special problems.  That’s where The Clean Team can be especially helpful. Where many companies have a “one size fits all” fix for animal problems, we have an entire arsenal of specialty cleaning and deodorizing weapons in our kit. Many companies don’t carry these products because of cost. Not only do we have the special products and equipment to solve the problem, but our techs are very experienced and well trained in using them.

While no company can guarantee total removal of pet caused problems, we’ve spent almost 30 years working with pet spots, stains and odor. We know with the right tools and cleaning agents and extensive knowledge of their use, we can often obtain results that others can’t.  For major pet stains and odor issues we have specialized equipment and products that allow us to get deep down to the source. This gives us the best possible chance to eradicate the problem.  In severe situations our technicians can even pull back the carpet, remove the affected pad, clean, deodorize and seal your subfloor, install new pad and then reinstall your carpet.

So for pet problems big and small, give us a call!  We’ll be happy to give you a free, no obligation assessment and estimate.