Tile & Grouttile

“Our tile experts can bring your tile and grout back to life!”

In recent years tile has become an increasingly popular home flooring choice.  From traditional Southwest terra cotta to modern glazed ceramic, there is more tile being installed today than ever before.  Subjected to everything from dirt and grease tracked in on shoes to cooking oils that settle from the air, tile takes a lot of abuse. Over time it can lose its shine and luster.  Because the grout lines are recessed and often lighter in color, they are usually the first to show soiling.   Even dirty mop water can stain the grout lines until they begin to look dingy and tired.

We can help!  Using modern, specialized equipment and cleaning technology our tile experts can bring your tile and grout back to life.  We can usually get better results in an hour than you could after scrubbing all day!  We have special cleaning agents and processes for stubborn problems like mold, mildew and mineral build up. In extreme cases we can even remove the top layer of discolored grout to reveal fresh, unstained grout underneath! This approach leaves you with beautiful grout lines and saves the cost and hassle of re-grouting!  In addition to cleaning, we can also seal your grout so that it’s easier to maintain.  Sealing the grout also slows the re-soiling rate and extends the life of the cleaning.

But wait there’s more! We’re not just limited to tile floors!  Our process is also very effective on tile counter tops, tile showers and kitchen wall tile.

So, if your tile and grout has lost its pizzazz, give us a call.  We’ll give you tile that will make you smile!