Carpet Cleaning


Don’t be a carpet cleaning horror story!

You’ve heard the carpet cleaning horror stories.  Companies promise the world and then, when they show up, they’re in and out of your home faster than you can even vacuum!  Or they immediately explain why they have to charge more than they advertised. Or the carpet is left wet for days and the spots come back within just a few weeks!  Or maybe the person cleaning your home looks like he just got his driver’s license and you’re his first cleaning job…or first job of any kind!

At The Clean Team, our experienced professionals have cleaned thousands of carpets in homes and neighborhoods just like yours.  They use top-of-the-line, truck-mounted cleaning equipment, the method most prescribed by the major carpet mills including Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer. Our technicians carry with them the latest in specialized, state of the art, cleaning agents. You say your son had a bloody nose that dripped on your white carpet? We’ve got a spotter for that!  Moved your filing cabinet and there’s rust from a spilled glass of water?  We’ve got a spotter for that!  Dog threw up his red dyed medication?  That’s right, we’ve got you covered! In fact, from basic food spills to difficult pet stains, our technicians are prepared with the latest technology the cleaning industry has to offer.  Unlike many companies, we don’t compromise the thoroughness of the cleaning by cutting corners just to save a few pennies. We make sure our field personnel have access to everything they need to give you the best cleaning possible.

It’s the little things you might not even notice that matter to us.  We protect your paint by using special corner guards. We use industrial water softeners on the trucks to provide clean, pure water to give the cleaning agents maximum cleaning potential. We switch to a special tool to thoroughly clean your stairs. We know that carpet cleaning is something you don’t do that often, so when you do have it done, you want it done right.  That’s why we take the extra time and care that we do.  We don’t want there to be any question which company you’re going to call next time!

So give us a call for a free estimate and let us show you why over 80% of our business every year is repeat or referred work.