• Carpet

    What do I need to move to get ready for you to clean?

    In preparation for the cleaning we would appreciate it if you would do a general pickup of the areas to be cleaned. Toys, magazines, clothes, small plants and other items that may have found their way to the floor should be removed to an area away from that being cleaned. If you would like us to move end tables, coffee tables and/or night stands we ask that you clear all items from the tops. Small area rugs should be rolled and removed from the areas to be cleaned. A general vacuuming of the area is helpful.

    Why don’t you move some items that I can slide around? Are you wimps?

    It’s not just a question of moving the piece of furniture. We have to be concerned with what happens after the carpet has been cleaned. Even though a heavy piece can be moved, we have to be sure that it will not cause a problem for the freshly cleaned carpet. Rust and bleeding wood stain are our two biggest concerns. You’ll notice that we place pads or blocks under many of the items to prevent these problems. It can be very difficult to safely place heavier pieces up on these blocks.

    How soon can I walk on the carpet?

    Under most circumstances you will be able to get back on your carpet comfortably in stocking feet or house shoes in 2 1/2 to 3 hours after we finish. The floors won’t be completely dry, but they should be dry enough to walk on without discomfort. You’ll want to wait 24 hours before removing the blocks and pads we placed under the furniture. In some cases (during heavy or prolonged rain or snow for instance) there may be so much humidity in the air that drying time will be extended. You may also find that some badly soiled areas received additional attention and have a higher concentration of moisture which will take longer to dry.

    My carpet had ripples in it right after it was cleaned. What happened?

    Occasionally, a carpet will relax a bit right after it is cleaned because of the moisture. Don’t panic! In almost all cases the ripples will disappear as the carpet dries. Usually the carpet is back to normal within 24 hours. If not just give us a call.

    What is your guarantee?

    The Clean Team 30 Day Guarantee.

    Any time in the 30 days after we clean your carpet, if a spot or stain returns, or if someone tracks in a new spot or stain that you are unable to remove, we will gladly return at no charge to re-clean the affected area. This does not apply to spots or stains we have worked on, but were not able to remove during the initial cleaning. Also, we’re sorry, but we are unable to cover pet related spots and stains under this guarantee. While we make every effort to remove spots, stains and the associated odor often caused by pets it is impossible to know the full extent of the pet related damage to the carpet.

    What should I do with my pets?

    We would appreciate it if you make arrangements for your pets to be contained while we are cleaning. Since we are all animal lovers we would hate to find “Spot” or “Fluffy” when we get back to the shop and clean our filters!

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Cash, Personal checks preprinted with customer name and address of service location (but not in an empty or move out situation), Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

    Do you move beds?

    Normally we do not move the beds, but we do clean under them as best we can. If a bed is on a wheeled frame that can be easily rolled around we will move it. Some customers choose to turn the mattress and box springs sideways and lean them against the headboard to give us access to the area underneath.

    Which furniture pieces will you move?

    We will move things like sofas, loveseats, chairs and small tables.

    Which pieces do you not move?

    We don’t move large chest of drawers, armoires, pianos, organs, buffets, china cabinets, curio cabinets, entertainment centers or electronics of any kind. Also floor standing clocks and two piece glass top tables.

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