Five things you don’t want to use to clean wood floors!

A clean and shiny wood floor is a beautiful thing. To keep it that way here are a few “Don’ts” to prevent premature breakdown of the finish and the shine.

The Wood Floor Covering Association ( warns you should avoid these five things to get the best appearance and longest life from your wood floor.

  1. Don’t wax a wood floor that has a urethane finish – Modern urethane finishes are not meant to be waxed and wax cannot bond correctly to the floor finish. Because of this, wax can bubble or flake leaving you with an unsightly appearance.
  2. Don’t use ammonia cleaners or oil soaps on a wood floor — they’ll dull the finish and affect your ability to recoat later.  Oil soaps can penetrate the wood itself and prevent new finish from adhering.
  3. Don’t use vinegar to clean your floor –  Since vinegar is an acid, it will actually break down the finish on the surface of your floor, and over time, will reduce the shine and leave a dull appearance
  4. Don’t wet mop or use excessive water to clean your floor – Wood naturally expands when it’s wet and can cause your floor to cup, crack or splinter.
  5. Don’t use a beater bar vacuum – Dirt and grit can get caught in the bar bristles and you can do serious harm to the finish over time.