3 ways to clean your spice grinder

I grind a lot of spices fresh in the kitchen when I’m cooking.  Nothing beats freshly ground spice, but cleaning the grinder can be a pain.  Here are 3 ways to make the job a piece of cake.

1. Use a long narrow paint brush to clear out the big pieces.  With some spices (like pepper) you may have partially ground, large particles stuck in the grinder. A semi-stiff brush will dislodge and clear them.
2. Run some soft bread through the grinder. This is my preferred method.  I find that a couple of quick pulses with the bread will clean the unit right up.
3. Another popular approach is to run  dry, uncooked rice through the unit.  Again, a couple of long pulses clears out the offending debris and a quick stroke of the brush finishes the job.

Happy grinding!